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HDJuiceBox Lite Kit - HDTV Over Power Solution

Product Code: HDJB-Lite

Stream HDTV around your house using existing power sockets and the HDJuiceBox

The NEW HDJuiceBox Lite allows you to transmit HD HDMI Video anywhere in your home using existing power sockets; saving you the hassles of rewiring. The system consists of a receiver and a transmitter that deliver H.264 HD video and audio from SKY HD boxes, Set Top Boxes, Blu-ray™ disc players, video game consoles etc. to compatible HDTV displays located near power outlets. The HDJuicebox lite  receiver is easily connected to your HDTV via HDMI™ cable while your AV source equipment is connected directly to the HDJuicebox lite transmitter.

This means no expensive rewiring of the house or office is necessary. It supports full IR pass-thru so that the source can be controlled, via a remote, from any receiver location.

  • H.264 compression technology
  • Incorporates HDMI™ technology
  • Supports up to 1920 x 1080 @60i/50i/23.98p/24p resolution
  • Incorporates SmartLink PLC with 500Mbps PHY rate    NEW FEATURE
  • Supports optimal QoS for video streaming
  • Supports video source remote control
  • Supports Dual HDMI Input Switching
  • Back channel to support remote IR control for original video player
  • Supports HDMI™ video interfaces
  • HDCP Compliant
  • Transmitter Dimensions - Width 182mm, Height 32mm, Depth 97mm
  • Receiver Dimensions - Width 182mm, Height 32mm, Depth 97mm

Package Includes

HDJuiceBox Lite Transmitter
HDJuiceBox Lite Receiver
2 x 1.5M HDMI Cables
1 x IR Transmitter cable
1 x IR Receiver cable
1 x Remote Control (batteries included)
2 x Power Cords
1 x User Manual

NB : HDJuiceBox Lite does not support multiple receivers nor is it backwards compatible with previous HDJuiceBox models.


Inc VAT: £238.80
Customer Reviews
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5 Stars
Dordogne - France
HDJuiceBox, a Solution to a Difficult to Overcome Problem. -- We live in the Dordogne area of France where old stone farmhouses abound. TV reception isn’t a problem, Satellite dishes offer signals from almost everywhere. Getting those signals around the house is much more of a challenge. Stone walls sometimes a metre thick are an effective barrier to WiFi signals from routers and drills for TV co-axial cables. I saw your advert for the HDJuiceBox and hoped the system would solve this ‘impenetrable’ problem. From order to delivery by courier took five days across a weekend; outstanding service! Installation to switch on took about twenty minutes mostly because I forgot to specify French type plugs on the power leads. After the units synchronised, a perfect picture appeared on the new HD TV. I then plugged in the remote control emitters; they also worked perfectly. We now have satellite TV programs from two decoders, selected and controlled remotely plus the possibility to connect a laptop to the Internet where previously no WiFi signal could be received.
5 Stars
Robert Cole
Lindley - Huddersfield
What a revelation I had tried HDMI over Wireless only to find that if someone stood in between the transmitter and receiver then we lost signal and this was even when only 10M from receiver to transmitter. So the HDJuiceBox seemed one answer but I was more than a little sceptical if it would work, seemed like black magic to me!! Besides plugging a HDMI cable into an "out" rather than an "in" which baffled me for 5 minutes the system worked first time and the IR Pass Thru is a brilliant feature. Highly recommended
5 Stars
J M Lemberger
It really works! Sky HD and Blu-ray through the power-line! After disappointment with wireless video senders this was a superb solution to our tv problem. With effortless set-up and its so simple to use. The package has all the bits you need including HDMI cables. The picture quality is perfect but you can adjust the network bandwidth if needed, and you don't even have to turn the Tx or Rx boxes off, love the sleep function. One thing to keep in mind- stay away from extension cables you will loose signal quality!
5 Stars
Have tried several other solutions to get TV on a set some distance from an aerial point. The last one I tried was wireless HDMI system, but it worked for a while and then failed. The HDJuiceBox just plugged in and worked, no problems
5 Stars
Gerard Price
Cornwall UK
I purchased the HD Juicebox with two recievers for my 1960s bungalow. It was just too difficult to rewire the existing house with HDMI so this product seemed like a great answer - allowing me to use a tv with sky and blu-ray player distribution from my lounge point. I read reviews and noticed one which said this product would not work through a fusebox, so I contacted the techo (sorry i fogot your name) and he told me he beleived it would work but if it didnt I could return the product within 7 days for a full refund. My home has got an extension which includes a supplementary fusebox which was my concern. Anyway,I took the plunge and ordered the system - which duely arrived two days later. It was really easy to install and worked almost straight away after plugging in all the cables - you really dont have to do a lot. I was over the moon with the result because IT DOES WORK through the fusebox. I then set about installing the second receiver and had a minor problem as I couldnt get the sound to come on at this receiver. I called the tecchy (sorry still forgotten your name) and as before he couldnt have been more helpful, between us we spotted where I had gone wrong and hey presto the entire system is working like a dream. I cant say how thrilled I am to find such a great system and the infrared extension also works pefectly. I know, I struggled finding many reviews and I just want to say - dont worry at all - this is a class product (excuse the pun) which does what it says on the box. It makes installing a TV anywhere in the house a doddle as you only have to ensure you have power to the intended location, allowing you to move it to any other part of the room if (like my wife, you like re-arranging your furniture from time to time!). It was also great dealing with a human on the phone who was willing to take the time to discuss the product and was honest, friendly and really helpful. As you can see I coudnt be happier - I know its quite expensive but you get what you pay for and if you do ever move house you can take your investment with you!! You basically avoid the need to be fixed to an aerial point and dont have the hassle of installing new wiring which by the end of it would be nearly as costly and will not be flexible or transportable. Hope this helps anyone considering this product, it is really good and so is the company. Cheers G. Price.
5 Stars
Very good product. Set up very quick from the Box. Had to contact support with regard audio set up. Seb came back to me and sorted my problem which was turning of HDMI setting on the sky box from 5.1 Dolby to normal setting. Would recommend this product fully
5 Stars
Teddy Clark
Despite the delay getting mine it is FAB 5 mins to read instructions 10 mins to set up CRYSTAL clear pictures & no sound issues (Lip sync) I had to all switch all my satellite channels to basic stereo it does not like Dolby AC3/5.1 O Other wise FANTASTIC... You pay for what you get..for me this is well worth the price